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The practice chains of Newmarket: the history of medical practices can be traced over long periods, many well over 100 years, which is the case with all three of today’s practices in Newmarket.

The medical families of Newmarket: some families have had more than one generation of medic practising in Newmarket.

The history of medical treatments, training, qualifications and regulation: an enormous page looking at these issues over time, illustrated by Newmarket examples.

The poor law and workhouse institutions: another enormous page examining the place of the Newmarket Union poor law institution in history, primarily from the perspective of the Newmarket medics involved.

Newmarket and plague: a look at plague from the Newmarket perspective, especially the 1625 epidemic, which hit the town badly.

Newmarket and smallpox: a page discussing how this now eradicated disease affected Newmarket through the ages, and what was done by Newmarket medics and institutions to tackle it.