The practice chains of Newmarket

Medical practices tend to evolve over time. They have three key components: the building, the medics and the patients. All of these elements change over time, but not all at once, so chains of continuity tend to develop. These chains can keep going over centuries and are interesting to follow.

The main Newmarket chains identified so far are as follows (clicking on each link below leads to a page providing an overview of the chain, emphasising the connections, with links from there to more detail about the individuals and buildings/locations etc. involved):-

1500s to 1695: The Greenes – Thomas Fraser.

1690s to 1790s: The Searanckes (Clements and Harwell?).

1710s to present: Braham – Sandivers – Mudd – Pecks – Day – Grays – Alton House Surgery – The Rookery Medical Centre.

1770s to 1839: Edwards – Norton – Taylor – Kendall – Thomas – Bullen.

1830s to 1917: Fysons and Gamble.

1830s to 1922: Page – Meads – Crompton.

1830s to present: Faircloth – Wright – Hutchinson – Woollett – Davis – Rous Surgery – Oakfield Surgery.

1830s to present: Faircloth – Wright – Maund – Simpson – Lincoln Lodge – Exning Road Surgery – Orchard House Surgery.